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Module “Teamdevelopment“ of “Netmapping® - Systems Thinking in Management”

Raise awareness about different thinking styles in a team and develop a tolerant handling of diversity.

Thinking preferences with HBDI for individual and team development

As an ideal supplement to Netmapping the module team development focuses explicitly on team-internal potentials. The diversity of thinking styles can lead to different solutions. By using the model "thinking preferences" (HBDI®) individual thinking styles within the team are made transparent. The performance of the individual and the team is maximized.
This workshop can be integrated in the Netmapping process or booked as a separate module.


  • Playful introduction to the idea of thinking styles and the model HBDI
  • Analysis of one’s own thinking preferences
  • Analysis of thinking preferences of the partner, respectively the team
  • Discussion on opportunities and threats of different profiles (as a couple, as a team, in the Company)
  • Deriving concrete measures for personal and professional life
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Module "Teamdevelopment" of the method "Netmapping – Systems Thinking"

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