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Module “Diagram of Functions“ of “Netmapping® - Systems Thinking in Management”

A valuable organisation instrument, which visualizes the necessary tasks and the task sharing to reach the goals (also called: Activity Distribution Chart)

Division of labor clarifies management tasks within teams

Based on the Netmap, the scenarios, the objectives and leverages, a matrix is created to define and clarify the division of tasks or (if already available) is updated. This way it is ensured that the available resources are optimally utilized. The creation of a diagram of functions can also be done without the prior creation of a Netmap.


  • Mutual reflection of the Netmap (cf. basic workshop "Netmap")
  • Survey of the existing tasks involved
  • Discussing the tasks including assignment of responsibilities
  • Optimising the division of labor and adopting the functional diagram
  • Determining the further courses of action 



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Module "Diagram of Functions" of the method "Netmapping – Systems Thinking"

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