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Module “Netmap®“ of “Netmapping® - Systems Thinking in Management”

The mutual development of the Netmap (Strategy or Management Map) as a visualisation of the relevant interrelations for success.

Netmap as a management map

The basic workshop "Netmap" creates the foundation for subsequent management navigation and for the integration of existing materials and information. It is thus often attended to question current management considerations and their operability and to integrate them into our method.

It may be therefore necessary to discuss the state of current management operations and to integrate them with the "Netmap" technique.


  • Introduction to the method of "Netmapping - Systems Thinking"
  • Determination of the operational level to be analysed
  • Integration of different viewpoints and deduction of the relevant key factors
  • Mutual development of the netmap (Strategy Map, Management Map)
  • Identification of the relevant non-steerable influences, levers ("steerable factors") and indicators of success
  • Determination of the further courses of action

If you wish to receive any additional information or are interested in participating in this business-internal workshop, click here. These contents are further introduced in our open workshop on the basis of current complex challenges.


Example of a Netmap
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Module "Netmap®" of the method "Netmapping – Systems Thinking"

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