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Module “Management-Cockpit“ of “Netmapping® - Systems Thinking in Management”

The development and use of a measuring instrument for the review of strategic targets

Management Cockpit: are we on track to reach our goals?

Based on the Netmap as well as the set targets, the measuring instrument is developed and construed (if a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) exists, it is reviewed; compare to Review).


  • Mutual reflection of the Netmap (cf. basic workshop "Netmap")
  • Systematic development of the necessary indices
  • Determination of the organisation of data acquisition and evaluation
  • Mutual interpretation of the management cockpit with aid of the Netmap
  • Determination of further courses of action including the form and frequency of the management cockpit's use and interpretation
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Module "Management-Cockpit" of the method "Netmapping – Systems Thinking"

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