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Module “Vision, Mission, Values“ of “Netmapping® - Systems Thinking in Management”

What are your vision, mission and values?

Netmapping® should be balanced with the management's vision, mission and values. If there are no existing or up-to-date statements of vision, mission and values, it is suggested to clarify them. This should ideally be done before the creation of the Netmap, but it can also be done during the process.


The vision of a business or an institution describes the believed world view in which it exists or strives to exist.

A vision should be:

  • meaningful to both the individual as well as the unit of organisation
  • motivating and desirable
  • action-guiding and should thus contribute to the coordination of the targets and actions of both the individual as well as the whole business


The mission of a business or an institution describes its role in a self-defined world view.

While the vision shapes a desirable future, the mission describes the "ongoing reasons" for an organisation's existence. The order an institution or branch receives from a superior unit can also form the foundation for the phrasing of a mission.


For both individuals and businesses it is helpful to know which internal mindset should guide their goals and actions. For this purpose the ideals and moral concepts of the entrepreneur and the management, respectively, are explicitly formulated. 

Values will only have a guiding effect for a business if they are created (business-) specifically and for this very institution. They then become a valuable and strategic leadership instrument. In order to unfold the guiding effect of the values, it is favourable to record them in a value statement. This facilitates internal as well as external communication.

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Module "Vision, Mission, Values" of the method "Netmapping – Systems Thinking"

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